Kristaps Grinbergs

iOS and Apple technology developer and consultant.

Startup founder. Conference speaker.


Currently, the big thing he's life is Sharentic. He is working to create a new model of sustainable consumption through seamless rentals. Their mission is to help people live lightly, with no compromises.

Executed as co-founder at global scale company Qminder that serviced companies like Bolt, Uber, Lyft, The Olympic Games, and more. Lead Apple technology efforts and worked on technical sales, integrations, and AppStore marketing.

Extensive knowledge of how and what to build on all Apple platforms - iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and MacOS.

Active iOS community member. Running well-known newsletter Swift Weekly Brief that is read by thousands of developers. He writes a blog, speaking at conferences, teaching, and mentoring.

Sharentic iOS app
Sharentic helps you to live lightly, without compromise. The app is built entirely with SwiftUI, and for backend is used Firebase. For payments, Stripe is being used.
Qminder Apple TV app
Qminder TV is native Apple TV app for the waiting list. It uses open sourced Qminder Swift API and latest Swift features such as codable and keypaths. App keeps active network connection using websockets and upates the UI using reactive approach and RxSwift.
Qminder iPad app
Qminder Sign-In provides self-service sign-in for customers. It uses native and web. Native side interacts with the server using in-house built JavaScript bridge. Background animations are fully native and use GPU. iOS app
The idea behind is to help plan one's outdoor activities in Latvia. In the map one can find Latvian nature trails, birdwatching towers, parks, campsites and picnic sites. Hiking trails in Latvia are usually shorter and marked, long distance trekking and hiking is not done on specific routes. lists only marked hiking trails and paths, specifically targeted towards casual hikers.
Augi & Draugi iOS app
Augi & Draugi app gives the answer to the question: “Where should I eat today”? The map in the application serves as a guide for anyone interested in eating delicious plant-based dishes. Each location on the map serves multiple plant-based dishes, making sure everyone has a choice!
Weather Latvia iOS app
Weather Latvia shows current weather observations in Latvia. Data comes from Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre and Latvian State Roads.
Hashberg - easy hashtag manager
Manage your hashtags in one place. Copy and use hashtags wherever you want. Group your hashtags by topic. Sync between all your devices using iCloud.