Kristaps Grinbergs iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS in Swift


Experienced Apple technologies software engineer - iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS & macOS.

Active contributor at Swift Weekly Brief newsletter, Apollo iOS SDK (GraphQL Swift library), various open source RxSwift libraries, Starscream and more.

Executed as a co-founder at a global-scale company Qminder that serviced clients such as Uber, Lyft, At&T, Bolt, The Olympic Games and more.

Author of, Augi & Draugi, Weather Latvia iOS apps and Qminder tvOS & iPadOS apps.

Loves open source, mobile apps, cats and cares about inclusivity.

Work experience

Co-founder and Swift developer

Qminder, United Kingdom & Estonia
Aug 2011 - April 2020
Building waiting list management for physical locations. iOS, tvOS in Swift. App Store optimization. Leading various projects, sales, onboarding and support.

iOS Teaching Instructor

Lambda School, US
Nov 2019 – March 2020
Delivered iOS course that produces job market ready graduates.

Senior Software Engineer

Tieto, Latvia
Oct 2007 – Sep 2012
Participated in one of the biggest life insurance projects in Latvia - developed and maintained the Rural Support Service information system.


Qminder iOS & tvOS apps

Applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV for easy customer sign-in and service.

Qminder TV is native Apple TV app for the waiting list. It uses open sourced Qminder Swift API and latest Swift features such as codable and keypaths. App keeps active network connection using websockets and upates the UI using reactive approach and RxSwift.

Qminder Sign-In provides self-service sign-in for customers. It uses native and web. Native side interacts with the server using in-house built JavaScript bridge. Background animations are fully native and use GPU.

Dashboard app is a hybrid app with options to communicate between native and web, push notifications, data export and fast actions. It helps managers be up to date with their location. iOS app

The idea behind is to help plan one's outdoor activities in Latvia. In the map one can find Latvian nature trails, birdwatching towers, parks, campsites and picnic sites. Hiking trails in Latvia are usually shorter and marked, long distance trekking and hiking is not done on specific routes. lists only marked hiking trails and paths, specifically targeted towards casual hikers.

Augi & Draugi iOS app

ugi & Draugi app gives the answer to the question: “Where should I eat today”? The map in the application serves as a guide for anyone interested in eating delicious plant-based dishes. Each location on the map serves multiple plant-based dishes, making sure everyone has a choice!

Weather Latvia iOS app

Weather Latvia shows current weather observations in Latvia. Data comes from Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre and Latvian State Roads.

MeteoTartu app for iOS, tvOS, watchOS

Application to show data from the weather station that has been working since the Ocober of 1999 in Tartu, Estonia, at the roof of the Physics department on the University of Tartu.


Phd in Computer Science (unfinished) University of Latvia 2010 – 2012
MSc in Computer Science University of Latvia 2008 – 2010
BSc in Computer Science University of Latvia 2004 – 2008

Skills & proficiency

  • Swift, Objective-C, React Native
  • Xcode, Cocoapods, SPM, Carthage
  • iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS
  • Github CI/CD, Bitrise, Buildkite, Circle CI, Travis CI, fastlane
  • RxSwift, MVC, MVVM, Coordinators
  • Javascript, Angular, ReactJS
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQlite
  • Java, Ruby, Python, PHP
  • Sketch, Photoshop