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Improve iPad sidebar navigation on the iPhone with SwiftUI

We learned how to add a sidebar for an iPad in the previous blog post, but that approach isn't that great for an iPhone. It looks pretty weird, and once we configure a default view, it automatically navigates to it once iPhone app starts. This isn't great on a phone but makes total sense on an iPad. We can improve that by showing a sidebar for an iPad and a TabView on an iPhone.

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How Sidebar works on iPad with SwiftUI

Starting with iPadOS 14, Apple has redesigned the iPad sidebar by making it easier to navigate within an app. They are explaining that in the Human Interface Guidelines. They are already using that in apps such as Photos, Files, Notes, Calendar, and more. This time let's check out how we can build a sidebar for iPad using SwiftUI. Currently, sidebar element is available only for iPads in landscape mode.

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